Enhancing Fertility

    All three of our practitioners have a strong background in treating challenged fertility. John Kang interned and Huiwen Liu worked in the Chinese Medicine Gynecology Department of the Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, while Satori Poch interned with emminent acupuncturist Amy Wu in San Francisco. John also interned with Dr. Randine Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure.

    Chinese Medicine provides both a complement or alternative to Western Medicines. As with all health disorders, the traditional Chinese understanding of health believes that challenged fertility is a manifestation of an imbalance in the body. Chinese medicine strives to bring the body back into balance through acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, and manual therapies. It can help:

    • Improve egg and sperm quality
    • Improve cervical fluid quality
    • Regulate menstrual cycles
    • Correct luteal phase defects
    • Regulate hormone interactions
    • Increase circulation to the reproductive organs to improve ovarian response
    • Thicken uterine lining
    • Treat anovulatory disorders such as PCOS and LUFS
    • Treat recurrent and threatened miscarriage
    • Increase chance of success in IVF procedures
    • treat unexplained infertility
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