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John Kang

Coming from a family with several Western Medical Doctors and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)practitioners, John was exposed to acupuncture and herbal treatment during his teens. At that time, his uncle Dr. Hsiung-Fei Kang had immigrated from China and showed John the use of moxa treatment and herbal medicine.

John apprenticed under Doctor Betty Lung in Taiwan starting from 1995. He began formal study of Chinese Medicine in 1999 at the Meiji College of Oriental Medicine (now AIMC)in Berkeley, CA, then the branch school of the Meiji University of Oriental Medicine in Kyoto, Japan. He has also done clinical training at the Sino-Japanese People's Friendship Hospital in Beijing, China. He has studied the Balance Method under Dr. Richard Tan and his apprentices. In practice, he has a particular interest in treating infertility, gastro-intestinal disorders and mental-emotional issues.

He also teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu


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